Music Releases 

*A Threnody for the Dispossessed. Soundtrack to artwork by Erik Ruin 2019​​.

*The Indignants: Trio with Lucas Brode (gtr), Shayna Dulberger (bass)

*Dromedaries: Horse By Committee w/ Shayna Dulberger-Keir Neuringer

      (Already Dead Tapes) 2017

*Night Raids: Servants of the Scab Lord 7" (Scum Cult Records) 2017 

*MC Tonguedancer: Dreams In Cryogenic Fugue 2015
*Night Raids EP (Scum Cult Records) 2014
​*LionsHead: Always Say Always 2014
*Superlith: Plasma Clusters (Eh? Records) 2012
*The New Heaven & The New Earth: Ricorso (Private release) 2012
*Br'er / Drums Like Machine Guns ‎: Archaic Fetishism Volume 1 (cassette release) 2008
*Ex Reverie: Door Into Summer (Language of Stone/Drag City) 2008

*The Burrs: Flying Potion (Private Release) 2007

Soon To Be Released:​​

*Night Raids: Mage Masher, Full length #2

*Van Sutra:Untitled

*Superlith II: Dan Blacksberg-Trombone/ Julius Masri - Circuit bent keys

*The Arabic Room: Solo works with various instruments


Julius Masri is a Philadelphia based multi instrumentalist, and a performer/composer for the city's dance community at large. His music focuses on improvisatory methods and syncretic/linguistic exchanges within various musical languages including Jazz, Metal, Afro-Cuban, Experimental Noise, and Arabic music. Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, he moved to the States in 1990 and picked up drumming a year later. He studied with Philadelphia instructors Carl Mottola, Elaine Hoffman-Watts, and as  an undergraduate at Bard College, with AACM's Thurman Barker, Richard Teitelbaum, and Joan Tower.  Julius plays drums, circuit modified Casio keyboards, Oud, Kamancheh (aka Rabab, Spike Fiddle), and various other instruments. He currently performs in groups such as grind/crust metal band Night Raids, free jazz groups  Sirius Juju and Dromedaries, experimental rock band Van Sutra, trombone and synth duo Superlith, and  more. He has performed with such crucial musicians as Henry Grimes, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Thurman Barker, members of the Sun Ra Arkestra. Festivals performed include Sonic Circuits DC (2013, 2016), High Zero Baltimore(2016), Maryland DeathFest (2015, 2017),  Shadow Woods Metal Festival  (2017), The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival (2016, 2018).

Music for Choreography:

* STONE DEPOT, by Ellie Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock   2019

*Music Accompanist at Drexel University 2017 ​

*Graffito Works Performances 2015 Present

*NowHere Festival Philadelphia October 2015

*You & Me, by Tara Rynders Sept 2014

*DESTROY//, by Leyya Mona Tawil May 2013, (Washington DC/ Philadelphia)
*Centurion, by Gregory Holt Nov 2013

*Onliest, by Curt Haworth May 2012, Nov 2013
​*Pia Mater, by Nicole Bindler May 2012
*SHARE!, by Gabrielle Revlock Nov 2012 

Current and Previous Bands:

Night Raids: Thrash/ Grind/ Metal 2-Piece    ​                                 
Erik Ruin's Ominous Cloud: ​Large Ensemble, Mixed Media

Sirius JuJu:  Heavy 5 Piece.  With Heru Shabaka-Ra and Mike Watson of the Sun Ra Arkestra

Superlith: Circuit Bent Casios and Trombone 2-Piece   

Van Sutra: Guitar/sax/ drums. Free-Jazz//Avant-Rock; members of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress​

Mahogany Stomper: ​Psychotic Ragtime Duo

LionsHead: Guitar/Bass/ Drums Trio. Free-Jazz// Avant-Rock 

Electric Simcha: Hasidic Hardcore Punk Rock 

Musica Da Filadelfia Samba: Philadelphia Samba marching band

Golden Ball: Psychedelic Pop