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Julius Masri is a Philadelphia based multi instrumentalist, and performer/composer for the city's  dance  community at large. His  music focuses on improvisatory methods and syncretic / linguistic  exchanges  within  various  musical languages including Jazz, Metal, AfroCuban, Experimental Noise, and Arabic music. Born in Tripoli, Lebanon, he moved to the States in 1990 and  picked  up drumming a year later. He  studied  with  Philadelphia  instructors  Carl Mottola, Elaine  Hoffman-Watts,  and as an  undergraduate  at Bard College, with AACM's Thurman Barker,  Richard Teitelbaum, and Joan Tower. Julius plays drums, circuit modified Casio keyboards, Oud,  Kamancheh  (aka Rabab, Spike Fiddle), and various   other   instruments.   He  currently  performs  in groups  such  as  grind/crust metal band Night Raids, free jazz  groups   Sirius Juju  and  Dromedaries,   experimental rock  band  Van Sutra,  trombone and synth duo Superlith, and  more.  He  has  performed with such crucial musicians as  Henry  Grimes,  Jamaaladeen  Tacuma,  Thurman  Barker, members  of   the  Sun Ra  Arkestra.   Festivals   performed include Sonic  Circuits  DC (2013, 2016), High Zero Baltimore (2016),   Maryland  DeathFest  (2015, 2017),     Shadow  Woods Metal Festival   (2017), The Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival (2016, 2018).