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*spectral forces: The Universe is within who (2024 self release)

*DEADshrine & zuliuz: physical training for business men. (deadshrine records) 2023

*the king of the 21st century: roger a. martinez 2022

*mephisto halabi: the arabic room(Unrock records) 2021

*night raids: mage masher  (scumcult records) 2021

*Dromedaries: dromedaries ii w/ Shayna Dulberger-Keir Neuringer

    (relative pitch records) 2020

*superlith: superlith II Dan blacksberg trombone, julius on circuit modified keyboards.

    recorded in 2014, self released 2021

*erik ruin's ominous cloud ensemble: soon/ now/ gone- live recording of performance

    for artwork and compositions produced by erik ruin and   rosie langabeer (2019)

*electric simcha: joy- hasidic hardcore punk, 2020 (self released)

*the council on american regicide: anger management volume 1. (evil island fortress) 2020

*George korein and the spleen: Trilobites at the tricentennial 2019 

*A Threnody for the Dispossessed. Soundtrack to art by Erik Ruin 2019.

*hulk smash: three songs and some noise (sra records) 2017

*The Indignants: Trio with Lucas Brode (gtr), Shayna Dulberger (bass)

*Dromedaries: Horse By Committee w/ Shayna Dulberger-Keir Neuringer

      (Already Dead Tapes) 2017

*Night Raids: Servants of the Scab Lord 7" (Scum Cult Records) 2017 

*MC Tonguedancer: Dreams In Cryogenic Fugue 2015
*Night Raids EP (Scum Cult Records) 2014
*LionsHead: Always Say Always 2014
*Superlith: Plasma Clusters (Eh? Records) 2012
*The New Heaven & The New Earth: Ricorso (Private release) 2012
*Br'er / Drums Like Machine Guns: Archaic Fetishism Volume 1 (cassette release) 2008
*Ex Reverie: Door Into Summer (Language of Stone/Drag City) 2008
*The Burrs: Flying Potion (Private Release) 2007

Music for dance


* astral. shift. mirror. body. by curt haworth,  kaijo caggins, and kayliani sood. at the annenberg center for the performing arts 2024

* hope in a hyphenated space, by Jhelan Gordon-Salaam and Paul Matteson. at the annenberg center for the performing arts 2023

* Music accompanist at temple university, fall 2019 to present

* STONE DEPOT, by Ellie Goudie-Averill and Beau Hancock   2019

* Music Accompanist at Drexel

   University 2017 

* Graffito Works Performances

   2015 Present

* NowHere Festival

   Philadelphia Oct 2015

* You & Me, by Tara Rynders

   Sept 2014

* DESTROY//, by Leyya Mona Tawil

   May 2013, (Washington DC/ Philadelphia)
* Centurion, by Gregory Holt Nov 2013

* Onliest, by Curt Haworth

   May 2012, Nov 2013
* Pia Mater, by Nicole Bindler

   May 2012
* SHARE!, by Gabrielle Revlock

   Nov 2012 

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