electric simcha: joy. hasidic hardcore punk. recorded 2011, released 2020. available here. 

The council on american regicide: anger management volume 1. drums, circuit modified casios, and various instruments. released on musica telharmonia internacionale in 2020. tapes will be available, but music can be heard here.

The Indignants, with Lucas Brode (guitar), Shayna Dulberger (bass),  and myself (drums) out now. Purchase a copy from Lucas' own website

superlith. dan blacksberg trombone. julius masri circuit bent keyboards. album review herepurchase here

Night Raids. Servants of The Scab Lord EP. Available here

dromedaries. shayna dulberger bass. keir neuringer saxophone. julius masri drums. purchase album here.  

night raids first album. sold out. listen here.